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Some Features of Your New Website

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Custom Premium Theme

No templates here, we start from scratch with a responsive industry related premium theme. We match your chosen theme to match your business colors and branding, as well as making it unique and user friendly.

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Responsive & Mobile Ready

It is super important to have a website that performs exceptionally well on mobile for your users. A whopping 80% of internet users own a smartphone, so you can see, its very crucial to have a high performing website.

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Strong Call To Action

Navigating a website has to be extremely simple for users or they will turn away and never convert. To get higher conversion rates, you must have a strong call to action on every page of your website. Whether that be a newsletter signup, discount code, or contact form, its a must for any business owner.

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Integrate Social Media Profiles

You may have a strong social media presence but your potential audience cannot find you if there are no links directing them to your profile. It is essential to link each social media platform you are active on into your website.

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Custom Logo

If you have a business, you need a logo, simple as that. We want you to not only absolutely love your logo, it needs to represent your business, industry, style, and become your brand.

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Royalty Free Images

We can use unlimited amount of the high quality royalty free images at no extra cost to you. Not only are they high quality, they are unique, professional, and there are millions to choose from.

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Custom Graphics

Need some graphic design work for your new website? This will help you stand out and give you a unique, creative touch. We work with our graphic designing closely to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your new website.

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Blog Creation

Using your website to host your blog is a great way to keep bounce rates down and get more repeated visitors. Blogs help educate the reader, it give your website more substance, and aids a ton in SEO.

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Initial SEO

We give you a head start on your marketing plan with optimizing everything in the back end of your website. Using your keywords, we integrate key phrases and words into every element of your website, including the content. This way, Googles robots will be happy to crawl your page and you will show up in search engines.

"Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting. "

Website Development Process

Project Definition

1. We start with summary of the project we are working on, a summary of the clients goals, wants, needs, and specifics. We study the competition and the industry so we can better accommodate your new website to your target audience.

Project Schedule

2. Our website design projects are always are delivered in 30 days or less. We set up a schedule so that the client and the team member knows exactly what is being done each given day. This way, commutation is also much easier with the client.

Choosing the Design

3. The team member will choose a premium theme that fits the desired style and structure of the clients new site. This can also be chosen by the client, if they wish.

Hosting & Domain Configuration

4. In order to work on the site, the desired domain must be purchased along with the monthly hosting plan. These can bother be done by the client with assistance by the team member.

Creating The Website

5. At this point we will begin designing the pages, developing new content and improving old content, and integrating media and slideshows. Here we also can integrate your keywords into the meta tags, meta descriptions, image tags, etc. so that Google can better craw your website.

Website Review

7. Testing your new website is crucial, we wouldn't want to show any embarrassing mistakes to your audience. We test the website on laptop, pc, mobile, and iPad, to make sure it is fully functional on all screen sizes and also check for misspelling and errors.


8. Once your website has been tested, we can now launch it and have customers interact on it. This is an exciting time!

Website Maintenance

9. Everything online needs constant care and maintenance, even our websites. Updating continent, keywords, and design elements are key to a fully functioning site.

Great Job Liden Solutions!

" Liden Solutions did a fantastic job on our website. It went from utilitarian to WOW. Cant thank them enough for helping us show off our work in a better, more colorful light."

Jim, JB Specialties / Owner

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