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Do you have setup fees or contracts?

We do not have set up fees or contracts. We’re so confident you will be pleased with our services, we don't feel the need to restrict you.

How much does it cost?

We have packages for our clients to choose from, each at a different price level. The cost depends on your business needs and your goals, which we like to discuss with you before hand. We can always tailor any package to better fit your needs as well.

What is the billing cycle?

Depending on the project all clients will be billed within one month from date of their campaign starting. For website design projects we require 50% down and 50% upon completion. This would be discussed with each client.

How will I know what work is being done?

We track our work and never miss a step. You will see all of our work, progress, data, and accomplishments in your monthly reports. We also keep some clients updated via email and phone, depending now which package they have chosen.

Will I have full access to my site even if you design it?

Of course! You will never lose any access to your website during or after the design process.

Is all the online marketing services included in 1 package?

Yes, our online marketing packages include every service listed on our services page. Our marketing packages are separate from our website design packages, of course.